Dec. 3rd, 2009

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I am grateful:
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7) for life without cable.

Yeah, I'm running a day behind, so I'm going to try to post today's before I go to bed and get on track.

R. and I have been living with out cable TV since October. This was my idea, and I'm grateful the R. was willing to give it a shot. Netflix and friends have kept us from missing TV too much. We watch movies (VCR and DVD), and catch Top Chef and some other shows when we visit with friends. It has helped me enormously to focus on other things, like reading, cooking and cleaning. My default was to come home and catch up on my TV shows. Now I work on dinner first, maybe get online, and then watch something with R. if I don't have anything else to do, or just while we eat. I like this lifestyle. We are talking about getting a PS3 for Christmas, so we can watch Netflix and blu-ray. My hope is that it would just give us easier access to a wide variety of things so that we never miss cable. We'll see.
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I am grateful:
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8) for music and singing.

I love music. I have sung since I was a little girl, and I always had a "good ear". Of course, my hearing isn't quite so great as it was then, but I still enjoy singing, especially in those moments when I'm singing in perfect unison with many other voices, or perfect harmony. I think I like harmony better, actually. My favorite part is to be in the middle, floating between the higher and lower voices, and fitting in perfectly. Music is probably my easiest spiritual connection. I could go on, but R. is waiting to finish Oceans 13 with me.


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