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Aug. 5th, 2008 08:40 am
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I got a call this morning from my brother. He called to let me know that he proposed to his girlfriend yesterday and she accepted. They are planning the wedding for early summer 2009 in Chicago.

I am very happy for him. He is my only sibling, and is 2 1/2 years younger than me. We were very close growing up, and although we don't talk all that much now, I love him dearly. He is the only family member that I am completely out to, and he has done a pretty good job of being non-judgmental.

Oh, and the first thing his fiancee said to me after giving me the news was, "Don't worry. You don't have to wear a dress, but you can if you want to." LOL
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So, I got a call from my cousin just now. She wants to get together. I'm working, so I suggested Saturday. Either they suddenly realized they never told me where xmas was happening and didn't return my calls, or my parents decided to let their displeasure that I was left out of the loop be known. I'm mad at them, but more just hurt. I don't know whether it made yesterday harder or easier, but I certainly would have been distracted rather than walking through my feelings as I did. My cousin was totally on guard, and expected me to be crying, so I am sure that it was my parents saying something rather than them actually realizing on their own.

I do want to see my blood relations. I wish it wasn't such a hassle. I am sure that they are having a difficult holiday, what with losing the houses in the fires. My family isn't particularly emotionally functional in good times, and this has been highly stressful. I haven't seen them since the fires. I would like to approach them with compassion and love rather than the hurt and resentment that seems to be winning right now. Thank you universe that I have therapy tomorrow...


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