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This is the group that I had a significant experience with in Japan. My friend is in town, and will be doing the ceremony (with English translation!) this Saturday in Chula Vista. Please let me know if you would like to attend, since I need to give them a head count.

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Invisible minority

Japan's lesbian community in dual struggle for rights, acceptance
Misrepresented, misunderstood and mysterious, a group of women fight a dual struggle, compelled to speak up for their rights, yet fearing the consequences of a life made visible in an oppressive world.
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Misty rain

Feb. 28th, 2006 06:42 am
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The night was foggy as I rode home tonight, and there was just a bit of rainmist. Not enough to put up an umbrella, in fact, I doubt an umbrella would have done much good. It felt as though the fog was precipitating on my skin, little pricks of water. It made my glasses blurry, but I really enjoyed the ride. The weather is milder now, although it's early for spring. I can ride without my gloves.

I went to see a friend-acquaintance perform tonight. She played the piano with another woman (4 hands, one piano). At the concert hall, I went down in the elevator with a woman, and we started talking. She was quite friendly, and we had to wait before entering the hall (the concert was in progress), so we chatted. We ended up sitting together and going for coffee afterwards. It was a good conversation. It makes me kind of sad that I'm going home and probably won't see her again. We did exchange information though, so who knows?

Lately there have been many little incidences that are reminding me why I like Japan. I went for an hour long bike ride yesterday, almost all the way to one of my schools. I really enjoy riding through the rice fields. I took two pictures; of the rice fields on one side, and a factory on the other side of the river from the same location. Part of me wonders why I couldn't enjoy things like this 9 months ago. I know the answer to that though. Part is the security of knowing I'm going to be home and back with my chosen family soon. The other part is that I needed to get turned inside out with that relationship in order to become willing to work my program again. And man, does that make a difference. I'm so, so grateful that I can have this time and enjoy it.
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There were some neighborhood people that came to school(safety volunteers; think adult crossing guards). One of them had a beagle. I was petting the dog, and talking to it's human while the students got organized to say goodbye and go home. I love beagles. Then, a student came over and asked me, "Were you talking to the dog?"

I thought it was cute.

I'm just feeling talkative in general today. This is an edit, since I had another scene I wanted to remember. I had dinner at an acquaintance's house. I taught her son some English before he went to LA last year. He's back now, and it was neat to see him. They also hosted my parents for 2 days when they visited. She acts very motherly toward me. So, it was time for me to go home. I came on my bike, and am used to tooling around at any time of day or night. She insisted that I wasn't going to go home alone, and had her son accompany me on his bicycle. lol There is no logic, there is only mothering.
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A) They're showing the emergency drills at Ueno zoo as part of the news.
B) In training for a gorilla escape, they have some guy dress up in a plushie costume (disney character type), and be the gorilla, including pretending (I think, I was too busy boggling to actually listen) to be knocked out by a tranquilizer gun.
C) Then there was training for a poisonous snake escape, complete with fake snake (it looked like a tentacle, and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] caprine's influence, that sent my mind in a whole different direction)
D) And they had someone pretend to get bit by the snake, and went through the injection and CPR practice on a person. It looked like they actually injected something. I imagine it was saline or something.

Reality check: is this as weird as I think it is?


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