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I am grateful:

1) for my bio-family
2) for my family of choice.
3) that I have had so many interesting experiences.
4) for the indulgence of my wonderful girlfriend, R.
5) for L.
6) for free transportation options.
7) for life without cable.
8) for music and singing.
9) for community.
10) that I know myself.
11) that I'm learning to cook.
12) for a good (non-leaking!) roof over my head, working utilities and public services.
13) that my car works, and my parking karma is generally good.
14) for dental insurance.
15) that my mom got me a Magic Bullet.
16) for pain medication.
17) that I got to see J. and K. (even though I was a sad, loopy gopher).
18) that my friends came over and painted ornaments and I had a great time for most of it.
19) for sick leave and an understanding boss.
20) that I have many tools and lot of support to work through my emotions.
21) for the cessation of pain.
22) that I get support in developing my career at work.
23) for new friends.
24) for vacation.
25) that I have talented friends who love music.
26) that I have become a better listener.
27) that L. went shopping with me.
I don't like shopping, and it helped immensely to have company. Also, I was happy to join a musical friend at her favorite pub for some fabulous caroling with instruments. Electric cellos rock!

28) that my loves get along.
It's important to me that the people who are closest to me know one another. I'm truly grateful that R. and L. not only know each other, but have developed a good friendship.

29) that I sang in an episcopalian church as a child.
R. and I went to Christmas eve mass at the church I grew up singing in. I have recently come to appreciate the openness of this church, and went out of my way to tell them so. I was never told that it wasn't okay for me to be there, even though I was not a parishioner, and I was also never told that who I was wasn't okay. I'm grateful because I now know that this would not have been true at many other churches.

30) for family.
Even though I couldn't be with my bio-family for Christmas, I was with my chosen family, and that was wonderful. Yeay for Cheesy Potatoes!!!

31) that R. wants to drive most of the time.
Unfortunately she is also human, and rear-ended someone in the madness. Fortunately everyone was okay, but the insurance will need to be dealt with. R. then drove all the way up to N. Hollywood so we could see friends and back. I don't like driving, and can get stressed out in the passenger seat.

32) for new toys!
Yeah, I like new toys. R. and I both got new phones, since she needed one, and they were on sale at sprint. We also have a new gaming system, that can play my old games, so that made me super happy. We also got to give presents, which I love to do. (I don't like the shopping, but the giving is fun!)

33) that I have many friends who are happy to listen to me.
I often will talk with someone who I haven't seen in a bit, and they'll remind me that they are a phone call away. I am very grateful for all of the people in my life who I love dearly, but don't have the time/energy to maintain frequent contact with. You know who you are. Knowing that you all are in my life and willing to connect when we can sustains me, even if I don't reach out at that moment.
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